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Divorce is a process of transition that should end with a manageable “new normal.” Unfortunately, the life-altering changes that divorce brings to your family are often complicated and difficult to handle. Miami family law attorney Arthur D. Lake is a skilled manager, firm negotiator and empathetic counselor. He asserts and defends your interests as he guides you through the legal, financial and emotional issues related to family law, including:

Helping South Florida families through life’s transitions

Attorney Arthur Lake understands that every family is unique, so every divorce must be managed differently. He works closely with you to identify your goals and focus on the realistic objectives necessary to achieve them. The firm recommends less confrontational means such as mediation to reach a lasting solution. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is cooperative rather than confrontational; it allows spouses to learn new strategies for collaborating, which they will need as they continue to parent their children. Miami-Dade family law attorneys realize that the court decides many issues on the basis of what is in “the best interests of the child(ren).” Divorcing spouses should show at least as much regard for the toll their litigation may take on their children.

Family lawyer in Miami-Dade, FL focuses on the financial impact of a divorce

Unlike many other lawyers, Attorney Arthur Lake draws on an extensive business and finance background to assist you throughout the equitable distribution and divorce process. Before assets are divided, they must be identified. If assets have been hidden overseas, they must be located and added to the marital estate. Attorney Lake has the experience to help you in identifying and repatriating assets that may be governed by the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. Florida law calls for an equitable distribution of marital assets, but there are numerous reasons why property may not be divided equally. The court will consider how and when an asset was acquired and even how a spouse might have contributed to its acquisition. A spouse’s history of money management can also influence the allotment he or she receives. Arthur Lake has demonstrated a mastery of finance, in cases throughout Miramar, Pembroke Pines and Broward County. He can make your best case for a truly fair division of your marital property.

Contact a reliable advocate for South Florida families

When you need a strong advocate for your divorce and other family law matters, call the Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC. To arrange a free initial consultation, call 305-378-1414 or contact the firm’s Miami office online. Attorney Lake is also available to meet after business hours by appointment only.

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