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Keeping the focus on your children

The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC agrees wholeheartedly with the principle that a child has an independent right to be supported by both parents. Unfortunately, that principle is not held by the many parents who try to evade their financial responsibilities. As an attorney with a business and financial background, Attorney Lake is well aware of the ploys used to hide income and assets in an attempt to reduce obligations. The firm has the skill and experience to locate and attach the funds necessary for the reasonable living expenses of your children. If child support has been ordered but has not been paid, the firm can make your case for enforcement. Finally, if one spouse is making excessive demands for child support, to the extent of unjust enrichment, Attorney Lake does what is necessary to defend your interests.

Your child support dispute in Florida court

Child support is one area where a judge has little to no discretion. Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and Miami-Dade, has strict guidelines for child support based on the combined incomes of the parents, the number of children and other factors, such as:

  • Percent of time-share based on overnight contacts
  • Anticipated childcare and medical care expenses
  • Upward adjustments for unexpected expenses
  • Downward adjustments for substantial overnight contact

Amount awarded in excess of five percent or more of the guidelines must be based on written findings by the judge.

Whether the issue of child support comes up during a paternity suit or when a couple is divorcing in Florida, there is little a parent can do to escape the legal obligation to provide monetary support. A party can and should insist that a complete and thorough accounting be done of both parents’ assets and income. Miami child support attorney Arthur Lake has the financial background to ensure that neither party is hiding financial holdings, so the amount of child custody can be decided honestly according to the law.

Beyond living expenses: legitimate costs for education, health and welfare

Healthcare and education costs can be added to the amount of child support payments. But how much is fair? Should you have to pay out of pocket for the Cadillac plan, when your job only pays major medical? Should you have to pay private school tuition when the area public schools are well-regarded? If your spouse is demanding a lifestyle for the children, which is not grounded in economic reality, you have every right to fight back by seeking a modification of child support. Miami divorce attorney Arthur Lake has the tools to help.

Analyzing financial records to expose child support evasion

Unlike most other child support lawyers in Miami, Arthur Lake has a finance background. He analyzes financial data to expose the fraudulent maneuvers some parents use to evade child support. When the facts support your suspicion that the other parent is hiding income, the firm can help you pursue legal remedies for support enforcement such as:

  • Orders to withhold income
  • Tax garnishment
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank account garnishment
  • Liens on personal or real property
  • Seizure and sale of personal property or real estate assets

Contact a reliable child support lawyer in Miami, FL

Attorney Lake has the skills and experience necessary to effectively negotiate an affordable resolution to your child support dispute. The firm welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case with you during a confidential consultation. Call 305-378-1414 or contact the office online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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