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International Divorce

International Divorce Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Capable representation in cases of diverse citizenship

The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC understands the complications that arise when an American citizen and a foreign national divorce. How will the divorce impact the naturalization process? Can an American divorce court exercise jurisdiction over assets held overseas? If a foreign-born spouse wants to return home, can he or she take the children? Attorney Arthur D. Lake has the depth and breadth of personal and professional experience to handle any issues arising from an international divorce, including:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Residency
  • Domicile
  • Property ownership
  • Taxes
  • Asset distribution
  • Payment of debt
  • Immigration and naturalization
  • Passports, visas and citizenship
  • Deportation proceedings
  • Foreign currency concerns
  • Child support
  • Custody
  • Visitation

International divorce attorney draws on his own immigrant experience

Born in Antigua, raised in the Caribbean and schooled in Canada and the United States, Attorney Arthur D. Lake has the firsthand experience to effectively handle an international divorce. As a lawyer who has been through his own international divorce, Attorney Lake has the legal knowledge and the multijurisdictional experience to achieve speedy and cost-effective resolutions to family conflicts. Attorney Lake analyzes:

  • International family law dispute resolution and litigation
  • International child custody, visitation, and support
  • International discovery and hidden asset searches
  • Immigration services for professionals and their families

Preventing your children from leaving the country

Divorce attorneys see clients with legitimate concerns about letting a foreign national ex-spouse take their children for a trip overseas. This is not an issue of time-sharing; first and foremost, it’s a question of whether you’ll ever see your children again. In many cases, an innocent trip is a ruse to gain permanent custody over the children. In other cases, your ex-spouse’s nation of origin may simply be too dangerous to ensure your children’s safe return. Just like a parent who opposes having their children relocate out of state, you have the right to custody or visitation, which the court will uphold in the best interests of your children. However, you cannot assume that the court knows the basis for your fear or agrees with it. Arthur D. Lake is a capable litigator who can represent your case in the most persuasive and effective manner.

Contact the firm today to discuss a divorce with international implications

Attorney Lake has the skills and experience necessary to effectively negotiate an affordable resolution to an international divorce dispute. The firm welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case with you during an independent consultation. Call 305-378-1414 or contact the office online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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