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Prenuptial Agreements

Knowledgeable Miami Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Sensible solutions to premarital concerns

Attitudes toward prenuptial agreements, or prenups, as they’re commonly called, have changed over the years. Where once engaged couples regarded prenups as a cynical hedge against divorce, today’s couples embrace prenups as an opportunity to have a necessary discussion that sets their marriage on a firmer foundation. The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC guides prenup negotiations to assist in confronting potentially divisive issues such as:

  • Religion
  • Debt-to-asset ratios
  • Credit scores
  • Money management
  • Prior children
  • Business concerns
  • Extended family concerns
  • Child-rearing
  • Asset protection

Through a well-managed prenup negotiation, couples learn more about themselves and each other, which can only serve to benefit them in the long run.

The wisdom of exploring your worst-case scenario

Miami family law attorney Arthur D. Lake educates clients in Miramar, Pembroke Pines and Miami about the effects of separation, death or divorce on the distribution of business, personal and financial assets. Clients rely on attorney Arthur D. Lake to open the lines of communication and facilitate problem-solving to resolve personal or financial situations involving:

  • Large-scale assets held in real estate, stock or retirement funds
  • Family estates or inheritances to be passed to the next generation
  • Liabilities associated with business ownership and business expansion
  • Disproportionate debt-to-asset ratios due to student loans or earning potential
  • Elderly parents or grandparents who require ongoing medical care
  • Families with special-needs children whose assets are held in trust
  • Careers involving licensed individuals, including nurses, truckers, doctors or lawyers
  • Possession of lucrative trademarks, patents or licenses

Forging an ironclad legal agreement

Premarital agreements give couples a chance to work through their problems before a marriage or civil union. When creating a legally enforceable premarital agreement, Miami prenuptial agreement lawyers should stress key facts:

  • Timing matters. A premarital agreement should be discussed months in advance. Courts look for evidence of duress or coercion when deciding whether contracts are legally valid. Pitching a prenup to your intended spouse on the eve of the wedding is unlikely to win the court’s endorsement.
  • Be completely honest. The court may throw out an otherwise valid prenuptial agreement if it discovers hidden assets or undisclosed material facts.
  • Avoid ambiguity. The clearer the contract is about a party’s wishes, the more likely it is that those wishes will be implemented precisely. Do not be afraid to speak up when a particular area of the contract seems vague or imprecise.
  • Fairness matters. Most courts will decline to enforce prenups that seem to punish one spouse and unjustly enrich the other.

Contact a prenuptial lawyer in Miami, FL for a free consultation if retained

The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC can effectively negotiate a fair and valid prenuptial agreement. To schedule a free initial consultation, call the firm at 305-378-1414 or contact the office online.

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