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Spousal Support or Alimony

Spousal Support or Alimony Attorney in Miami, Florida

Fair settlements based on full financial disclosure

The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC works one on one with clients to analyze issues of relative income, cost of living, and overall fairness when resolving alimony disputes. Since the integrity of the process depends on bringing all financial realities to light, the firm engages in thorough review of the couples’ assets to disclose hidden assets. Arthur D. Lake has the resources to assert your legal rights capably with regard to:

  • Permanent alimony: paid periodically to the receiving spouse during his or her lifetime, generally until either the payor spouse dies or the receiving spouse remarries
  • Durational alimony: paid periodically to the receiving spouse for a period of years to last no longer than the length of the marriage
  • Rehabilitative alimony: short-term alimony paid to one spouse until that spouse gains the vocational training needed to improve his or her job skills and marketability
  • Bridge-the-gap alimony: granted to one spouse to ease the transition from being married to being single. For example, a court may order alimony to assist with the purchase of a car or to establish an independent residence.

No precise formula for calculating alimony in Florida

Florida has not enacted a precise formula for calculating the dollar amount of alimony due a dependent spouse. It’s up to a judge to determine whether spousal support should be granted, as well as the amount and duration. Judges base alimony decisions on factors such as:

  • Each spouse’s standard of living during the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age, physical and emotional condition of each spouse
  • The financial resources and income-producing capacity of each spouse
  • The time needed to acquire education and training for a career
  • The services rendered in marriage (e.g., homemaking, childrearing, career-building)
  • Evidence of adultery, abandonment, criminal activity or cruelty
  • The age and mental capacity of children of the marriage
  • Other relevant factors

At trial and post-divorce, alimony is left to the discretion of a judge

Since judges have discretion to grant or deny alimony, attorneys must rely on legal research ability and trial presentation skills to deliver a positive outcome. In Miami-Dade and Broward counties, your Miami alimony lawyers must present solid legal arguments supported by financial records demonstrating relative income, cost of living, personal need and ability to pay. This is equally true in motions for modification of support, when financial circumstances have changed for the former spouses, and the alimony order from the original divorce decree is no longer appropriate.

Attorney Arthur D. Lake has a varied business background. His work as an economist, financial analyst, business manager, managing director of operations and a director of governmental affairs provides clients with a distinct advantage. Miami divorce attorney Lake has the knowledge and the wherewithal to uncover hidden assets in financial disputes.

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